Monday, February 22, 2010

No more posts on here

it got too confusing to choose what to write where, so I've merged all my blogs!

simplify. seemed like such a good idea to separate stuff when I first started! ha.

everything's on here now :)

thank you!


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Early morning on Melinsung Beach

This is a Skywatch post. Check out more images on here.

I just love visiting my sister. She lives right next to the beach and it's great to wake up early and hear the surf outside.
I slide open the door and the sound is instantly magnified! 
This was last December. Can't wait to get back there again!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kuala Abang - a fishing village

We were back again on the east coast of Peninsula Malaysia last week of January. It was much much hotter than it ever had been since we first started going mid last year. And of course I forgot my sunblock. And of course we spent too much time under the sun. And of course I was badly burnt. Ugh. Don't ask. Thank you.

But the clear skies and sunny sun meant everything looked technicolor brilliant and amazing! Each time we go to the east coast, we explore places we hadn't been before; take that little road there, follow the sign that promises some exotic obscure village or something. This time was no different. And we found a little fishing village called Kuala Abang, not far from Rantau Abang.

It's such a quaint little place; so much activity going on; bustling even! It was hot and fishermen were coming in with their catch, and there was a little station (more like a little hut) where they got their catch weighed in. And there were others who were playing cards. Some napping on makeshift counters. Some shooting the breeze, talking coffeeshop talk. Ohhhh, it was nice!  I wish I could have taken pictures of all of that but everyone kept staring at us wherever we went; quite unsettling! Sigh. I need a camera with those huge lenses so I can go far far away, and take pictures unobtrusively! I had to settle for empty sampans (little 2-men fishing boats) :) But it's okay, I still like this picture :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

To Nani with Love

My late grandmother, Ottilia Bokuta, a wonderful woman, who single-handedly raised 6 children after her husband passed away in 1945.  Amazing.

It was her birthday on the 15th. She would have been 102.

My darling cousin scanned this picture and put it up on facebook! So lovely of her, otherwise, this picture would remain in memory only. Now I have a digital copy! Technology is so cool!


Kijal - a sunny afternoon by the sea

This beach in Kijal is one the prettiest beaches on the east coast of Peninsula Malaysia.  I've been here four times already, maybe, in the space of a few months.

I always see something different each time I go. This time it's a mom and her three kids frolicking in the (extremely hot) sun.

One time we went, we went by motorbike. We parked the bike and went off to take photographs. When we returned an hour or so later, one of our helmets, that we'd left dangling on the bike, had been taken. All that was left was the strap. That was a nasty surprise.

Another time we went, there were mats and mats of fish being laid out under the sun to be dried. Dried salted fish! Yummm! Didn't smell too good at the time though.

Yep, something different each time. Can't wait to come back here again!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Aphid in Butterfly Park, Kuala Lumpur

Caught in Butterfly Park, Kuala Lumpur!! A giant aphid on a heliconia! A gigantonomous aphid for sure!! Never seen any that size before, but then again, why am I surprised. I saw some huge huge Atlas Moths not too long ago in the same park!!!  Not sure what the park keepers are doing right... or wrong... maybe seriously wrong...!!

Nevertheless, it was beautiful to behold, so white, and so fine, all the pointy things, feelers I guess, moving in slow motion, as if underwater. Alien-like even. 


Friday, February 12, 2010

Patrick Starfish

(one of) My favourite cartoons reincarnated as a flower. This beauty can be found (in abundance) in Cameron Highlands (at the Boh Tea Plantations)

Fact trivis : Starfishes are one of those animals without a true brain.