Thursday, February 4, 2010

Falling in love with...

... Frangis!!

Found and fell in love with the white frangipanis in Rantau Abang.

There's a place in Rantau Abang that we always stay at. The guy who keeps the place is such a workaholic, he leaves the place spotless! Sterile almost! But one evening he wasn't quick enough, so I went snap happy!!

Oh, did I mention? I have a new camera and it takes pictures like a dream! Am so loving it. Pardon my McDonalds.


  1. Your McDonalds is totally pardoned. These shots are beautiful louisebah!!!

    I love the great textures and colours and lighting, a sight for sore eyes indeed!

    Sorry if I missed your "new camera intro" post - I've been out of the blogosphere for a little while - but what did you get?

  2. hiya pic

    thank you! just cant get enough of frangis! :) check these ones out here.

    broke my last camera travelling to another east coast town, lost a lot of photo opportunities there! :((

    but i'm back on track again w my new one!! yay! it's an Olympus T-100, 12 megapixels too! am so loving it! :p