Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kuala Abang - a fishing village

We were back again on the east coast of Peninsula Malaysia last week of January. It was much much hotter than it ever had been since we first started going mid last year. And of course I forgot my sunblock. And of course we spent too much time under the sun. And of course I was badly burnt. Ugh. Don't ask. Thank you.

But the clear skies and sunny sun meant everything looked technicolor brilliant and amazing! Each time we go to the east coast, we explore places we hadn't been before; take that little road there, follow the sign that promises some exotic obscure village or something. This time was no different. And we found a little fishing village called Kuala Abang, not far from Rantau Abang.

It's such a quaint little place; so much activity going on; bustling even! It was hot and fishermen were coming in with their catch, and there was a little station (more like a little hut) where they got their catch weighed in. And there were others who were playing cards. Some napping on makeshift counters. Some shooting the breeze, talking coffeeshop talk. Ohhhh, it was nice!  I wish I could have taken pictures of all of that but everyone kept staring at us wherever we went; quite unsettling! Sigh. I need a camera with those huge lenses so I can go far far away, and take pictures unobtrusively! I had to settle for empty sampans (little 2-men fishing boats) :) But it's okay, I still like this picture :)


  1. Oh this is a fabulous shot. Definitely one of my favorite this week. It's such a perfect scene. Postcard perfect.

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  2. right description .... post card perfect .. thanks for letting us see some side of Malaysia...

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    In This Side of Town
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  3. thank you Vernz, J Bar and Photo for dropping by :) and leaving lovely comments!!

  4. What a fun day must have been despite minor discomfort. The big consolation for that is a beautiful sky scene with colorful boats. Great.

  5. I wanted a camera with hug lenses too:).
    Clear sky and a beautiful capture of a tropical scene!

    Happy weekend.

  6. Lovely photo!

    Have a great weekend
    Hugs Gunilla in Singapore

  7. so nice to see sun and blue sky :)
    beautiful pic

  8. Hi, nice blog with a beauty of a photo well captured.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and your comment.

  9. What a beautiful photo, love the scenery and the pretty sky.

  10. This photo is perfect! Beautiful colours, great composition and interesting subject! Your post is so wonderful: I can see it all as if I was there.